Seattle's Alt-Acoustic Duo

In our music, we seek to create the purest expression of emotion and of pain.  Our music comes from my 4-year journey to recover from severe depression, and encompasses themes of grief, fear, birth/death, nature, and divinity.  It is inspired by my experiences reconnecting with myself, the Earth, and the spirit world. 

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The latest from the band.

Midnight Daughter is ONE YEAR OLD!!

Hi Lovelies!

We just celebrated our 1 Year Band Birthday (a.k.a. our first bandiversary!)  on August 30th.  It's really exciting and crazy that we've been in a band relationship together for ONE WHOLE YEAR.  (NOT TOTALLY SURE HOW BRYAN DEALS…

We Were Selected for Tiny Desk Top Shelf!!

OH MY GOD, we were selected for TOP SHELF for the Tiny Desk Contest!!!!  WHAT?!!

We are BEYOND STOKED.  And so honored.  And I am wowed that Bob Boilen and Kevin Cole are wowed by our stuff. 

I heard the…

How to Recover from Depression Forever, Part 1

Note that I am not a doctor.  That said, plenty of people I know who only listen to doctors about their mental health are not much better off than they were years ago.  The choice, and the risk, are both

The Band During Covid

The past few months have been challenging.  Partially it has been as a result of the changes in the industry because of COVID, but also, I started having issues with my voice.  (Overuse injury?)  I have an appointment with an…

Live on KISW 99.9!

OMFG we just played live on KISW 99.9 with Kevin Diers!!!  It was so exciting and awesome and scary at the SAME TIME.  Our first-ever radio performance went stunningly.  And we had so many of you —our friends, fans, and…