The beginning

Midnight Daughter was born of ancestral vision and fed by progressive rock sensibilities.  After seeing the spirit of my ancestor, Ma Yuan (馬援), while hiking through the mountains of Montana, I partnered with violinist Bryan Djunaedi to begin the project that would become Midnight Daughter.

Midnight Daughter is shaped by the three years I was suicidal and the profound spiritual experiences I had during my search for healing.  Our music portrays psychedelics, the wilderness, and the spirit realm, and encapsulates a Feminine that is wild, intense, and beautiful beyond human dimension.

After COVID, the band experienced a major change in membership, with Bryan leaving the band and my being joined by bassist Michael Lynn and drummer Emilio Ferrara.  This marked a big difference in the band sound, but actually shifted us more towards what I originally envisioned.

We are currently working on world domination.  Stay tuned.