"Deeply, deeply emotional and incredibly personal... a remarkable performance and some incredible talent." —Kevin Cole, KEXP

In 2015, I fell into severe depression, and embarked on what became a four-year journey to come to a full recovery.  The journey took me overseas and across thousands of miles of wilderness on foot.  It took me to healing work and through the spirit world. 

In 2019, while hiking 120 miles across Montana, I had a vision of an ancestor and an indigenous tribe that told me that I must return to Seattle for music.  I grappled with this for several days, then called up Bryan and asked him if he wanted to "play stadiums and stuff."  Two weeks later, I drove over the Cascades and pulled into our first rehearsal as Midnight Daughter.

In the year since then, we have been selected for NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest Top Shelf, played live on KISW 99.9, and been featured on KEXP’s Weekly Mix Podcast.  We have also cried on Bryan’s shoulder (I did), played shows, gone birdwatching, and gotten high at the museum (band name quests, yaknow).  

We've been described as "an acoustic, feminine TOOL."  Our music evokes the experience of raw emotion as it shifts and flows in the body —the feelings, the sensations, the visions, the energy.  How can we express emotion in its purest form?  This we seek to capture in our music.