Live on KISW 99.9!

OMFG we just played live on KISW 99.9 with Kevin Diers!!!  It was so exciting and awesome and scary at the SAME TIME.  Our first-ever radio performance went stunningly.  And we had so many of you —our friends, fans, and family— listening in!  Thank you!!!  It was so awesome to have your amazing support and excitement for our performance.  Y'all who missed it can listen to the full session here on the Loud and Local Podcast!

It also so happens that we also PICKED OUR BAND NAME IN STUDIO.  So yeah, we're now officially MIDNIGHT DAUGHTER and @midnightdaughter on all socials.

We'd been sitting on the band name for a month or so, but I was still iffy about it, even though Bryan was down for the name.  Right before we went on air, Kevin was like "So what should I call you guys?"  Bryan looked at me expectantly, and I said "Midnight Daughter!"  It felt good and right.  No more "Aurora and Bryan music duo" bullshit.  We got a BAND NAME, y'all!  

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