We Were Selected for Tiny Desk Top Shelf!!

OH MY GOD, we were selected for TOP SHELF for the Tiny Desk Contest!!!!  WHAT?!!

We are BEYOND STOKED.  And so honored.  And I am wowed that Bob Boilen and Kevin Cole are wowed by our stuff. 

I heard the news as I was about to lift off to Bozeman, Montana.  And I was so stoked, I asked the flight attendant to announce it on the flight's intercom.  And then after I landed I got on the phone with Bryan and jumped up in the airport for a good twenty minutes.  YESSSS.  



THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING US!!!  And thank you to our awesome film KREW:  David Watson (audio recording), Kevin Zhang (videography), Art Leonard (mixing), and Nick Coniaris (assistant audio recording).  And thank YOU for all the good vibes as we sent this baby off to NPR during our Tiny Desk Release Zoom Party!  THE GOOD VIBES WORKED, HONAYYY!!!  

Yes, yes, YASSSS.  We are so unbelievably stoked and proud.  This is such a HUGE milestone.  




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